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Toto Temple Deluxe to release exclusively on OUYA

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Juicy Beast will release the 2D multiplayer game Toto Temple Deluxe on Thursday, July 24 exclusively for OUYA. The indie game developers are also the creators of the platform game Knightmare Tower.


"The goal of Toto Temple Deluxe is simple - get the goat, and hold on to it as long as possible! Up to four players can challenge each other in fast-paced goat-based keep away, dashing through the game’s arenas deep under the sea, inside an active volcano, and everywhere in between. Players can unleash super-charged power-ups to turn the tide of a round, and the finely tuned auto balance system helps keep every round interesting for veteran and new players alike."
With free for all, team battle mode, and single-player challenges, Toto Temple Deluxe’s quick cat-and-mouse (or should I say cat and goat?) gameplay caters to both casual and hardcore gamers. 


Source: Juicy Beast

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