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"Bedtime Blues" uploaded

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Hannmade Studios has just uploaded their PC game "Bedtime Blues" and is available for download. 

"They say a child’s imagination is pure and innocent but what if
that child’s imagination became a nightmare?"

Play as a young child surviving through the night in the pixelate horror; fight off
your once beloved teddy bear that has taken on a mind of its own.

Listen close for when it comes, scare them away with your flashlight and don’t forget
to chuck under the bed for any monsters….

Is this nightmare real? Is it just passed your bedtime.

• Pixelated art style
• Simple controls
• Randomized AI
• Unlockable modes (Coming Soon)

Author:    hannmadestudios
Genre:    Action, Survival

Download: Bedtime Blues.rar


Bedtime Blues hannmadestudios still1.png

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