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Andrew Perry

Choose Your Own Adventure / Writing Games

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Hey guys! 


Just wanted to possibly start a discussion about a newish genre of game I'm seeing more and more on Steam: Choose Your Own Adventure.  More than that though, more text-based games that may or may not allow you to write in your own answers.  Text-based games, I think, have always had this kind of odd quality to them in the fact that many people don't see how they qualify fully as a game.  But with games like Diabolical releasing on Steam, the Choose Your Own Adventure style games seem to be making a slight come back on PC.  I personally have little experience with Choose Your Own Adventures, having only had one Zelda book that followed that type of formula, but I find the inclusion of it as a genre interesting to say the least.  It begs the question if the market for such titles is out there.


During my last internship, I worked with Popcannibal on the game Elegy for a Dead World, a purely writing game in which the player would input their writing into prompts to create a story.  It's definitely a different atmosphere I think, working on a writing game in which every prompt had to be carefully looked over and edited, than most games yet I always wondered about the players.  What type of gamers like these sorts of games, such as Elegy or Diabolical, where the emphasis is on text and your choice rather than visuals and gameplay?  Should these games be considered seperate from the rest of the medium?  Do you see more of these styles of games coming to Steam in future, as we start seeing more support for Indie developers? 


Leave your thoughts on the matter!  I'd love to hear other people's ideas on this topic and the future of writing games!

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