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Andrew Perry

Smite On Xbox One And Pc Console Ports

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As an avid fan of the MOBA Smite on PC, I was wondering if anyone played it on the Xbox One.  I got to see other people play it on the One at PAX East, but never got the chance to experience it myself.  The thought of playing a MOBA, especially one so involved like Smite, on a controller seems a bit odd yet I think it's the only one of its kind that can pull it off.  So, have any of you guys played it on the One?  What's it like compared to PC, for those that played?


Kind of a follow-up to that, I think we're seeing a cool change in the industry where developers are taking what were originally PC only genres and porting them to consoles.  Smite is certainly a good example, as I don't think many of us could imagine a day a MOBA came to console.  XCOM is another, though its sequel will be PC only.  So I'm curious, do you think we'll see more PC games, that we believed to be bound in PC territory, make their way over to console? 

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