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Andrew Perry

Friday The 13th And Kickstarters Picked Up

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Hey guys, just curious about people's opinions on the Friday the 13th game on Kickstarter.  More than the game itself, I was curious as to people's opinions on how it was picked up by Sean Cunningham and turned from Summer Camp into Friday the 13th.  I think it's awesome a creator saw an indie team making something based on his work and was impressed enough to help out. 


This isn't the first Kickstarter to be supported by a bigger power.  Allison Roads, a horror game like P.T., was also on Kickstarter previously until they got picked up by Team17.  Unlike Friday the 13th, Allison Roads was removed from Kickstarter because they believed they would receive all the financial support they needed with their new partnership. 


So, what do people think about these two projects?  And what do you guy think about Kickstarters getting picked up and funded by larger powers at play?  Do you think it negatively or positively effects the process?

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