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Andrew Perry

League Of Legends World Championships And Season 5

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As some of you may know, the end of season 5 and the World Championships for League of Legends is coming.  I just wanted to start a discussion on who you think will win Worlds this year and what season 6 will bring! 


Sadly, North America has long been knocked out of the tournament through the defeat of TSM, Cloud 9, and CLG.  So while I am a major TSM fan, they are no longer a contestant.  NA as a region has been somewhat lacking in terms of World's performances this year, so its elimination came as no surprise to some.  More of a surprise was the upset of Chinese teams, which were prophesized to be the next great region.  Now in the semi-finals, we have two Korean teams in Koo Tigers and the famous SKT and two European teams in Origen (led by the famous mid-laner Xpeke) and Fnatic.  Origen lost today to SKT in a landslide which, again, came as no surprise to some.  The most famous League team moves into the finals undefeated, not dropping a single game through the groups or quarterfinals. 


This leads to the question of who will win between Fnatic and Koo and who, after that, will emerge the winner after facing SKT in the finals.  Personally, I see Fnatic topping Koo and moving on to face SKT in a battle of the best.  Fnatic has been hyped this entire season as the best of Europe, and possibly on par with SKT after the two fought at MSI.  Though no one can deny the power of SKT and their unprecedented win streak.  But, I would love to see a non-Korean team take Worlds again and I think Fnatic is our best bet at the moment.  So here's to hoping Fnatic can take the cup home for Europe.


In terms of season 6, I'm really interested to see what Riot Games does to offer change.  At the beginning of season 5, we got radical changes to jungling and a complete overhaul to the map.  And while they haven't come out and spoken about their plans for season 6, they have said of a few changes coming our way post-worlds.  Whether that will be for season 6 or not is unknown though.  Biggest of these changes is a new ranked, matchmaking system.  As someone who is struggling to climb the ladder this past month, I'm really looking forward to any quick fixes they can do to negate trolls and toxic players from messing up more ranked games.  They've said it may operate like Team Builder, in which you can choose your top 3 roles you wish to play and then be paired with others.  This would negate arguments pre-game and any major mistakes being made in champ select.  The only other change they've hinted at is a overhaul on marksmen and the AD carry role.  This comes as a huge relief to some who believe ADCs have been far less effective post-juggernaut patch, so I'll be interested in seeing what they do. 


While all these changes sound great, I'd personally love an in-depth replay feature that allows quick uploads to Youtube, as to make capturing League gameplay easy for those uninitiated as well as more tools to those that wish to study their games.  I think some balance changes need to happen to certain champions dominating the meta right now, such as Mordekaiser and Fiora.  And, if I'm being honest, I'd love the addition of a bonus gamemode that cycles each week or so.  Give us the ability to play these awesome gimmicks like URF, One for All, and Hexakill more than once a year please? 


Anyway, what are your opinions?  Who do you think will take the Summoner's Cup at Worlds?   What changes would you like in season 6?

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