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Please read the code of conduct before posting!


  1. No flaming - Any posts or comments which are hostile or insulting to other members of the IGS community are not tolerated.

  2. No spamming - Advertisements, referral links or unconstructive posts will be considered as spam and will be removed. Note - This does not include links to articles on other websites unless the article is not relevant.

  3. No illegal discussions - Any posts which are linked to criminal activity, such as piracy and hacking will be removed.

  4. No excessive swearing, racism, discrimination or sexism - IGS is a friendly community for all races, genders and ages.

  5. No offensive content - Every post must be kept SFW.

  6. No sensitive topics - Religious or political arguments often lead to grief and flame and are not permitted

  7. Do not post personal information about yourself on the forum.

  8. Stay relevant - e.g. do not post about Console Games in PC Games.


All rules are enforced by the administrators and moderators on the website. They may remove your post and punish your account accordingly to their discretion if they feel you are in violation of the code of conduct.

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