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How To Create A Rose In 3ds Max (part 3)

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How To Create A Rose In 3ds Max (part 3)  


We are at the final steps of creating the rose. All that is the leafs and the stems and you will have a completed rose made by using only lines, modifiers, and a few other tools. After finishing these tutorial, if you find any other methods to create a rose or get to the the same end result, please feel free to leave a comment below explaining your method as all of us here at Indiegamesourse are always eager to learn.


First using the line tool in front or side view, make a line going down the length you want your stem to be. Give it the general shape you want it to be stem to be. Also using the circle tool make a circle, the size does not matter.



Convert your line to an edible spine. Select your vertices and convert them from corner to smooth.



Using the loft tool, select the line, then click loft and click "get shape". Pick the circle to create a new object.



The stem might be to large or small, select the lines going across and scale the stem to the size you want.

Add lines for the leaf's stems and repeat the main stems process. 



Instead of doing a uniformed scale for these steams, keep scaling the outer most ring a little more until you can collapse the end ring.



While on Vertex mode, turn on soft select and add some curves to your smaller stems. You can also move your smaller stem's origin point at this time. 



Create a Sphere and use the melt modifier to give it a pointed-dome shape. Then with soft select still on, push the vertices in on on side to create a thorn. Mess around with the shape until you are happy.





Clone the thorns all over the stem. Don't overpower the rose with thorns but make sure it is protected.

Using and PNG or TARGA with an alpha channel, apply it to 2x3 square plane. adjust it so it looks as close as possible to the smaller stems geometry as possible, and then throw a turbosmooth. Correct the geometry and repeat for other stem.



Make another Sphere, cut it in half, and use it to cover the bottom of the rose and top of the stem.



And you're done, congratulations, you have just complete modeling a rose. Add some lighting and pop out a render to show off.


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