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How To Create A Rose In 3ds Max (part 1)

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How to Create a Rose in 3ds Max (Part 1)


Welcome to a three part tutorial on how to create a rose in 3ds max. Before you close this tab on your browser and click on a shorter tutorial please understand that the reason this tutorial was split into three part is just to enforce the importance of each step, no matter how tedious or unneeded it seems. This tutorial is a COMPLETE rose tutorial; leafs, steam, and petals so please feel free to venture out once you feel that you have gotten enough information for what you need or want to try and a different approach. 


Use the Line tool to create a line similar to the one below. Make it in front or left view and use the grid to help you make it. Your last point should be a 0,0,0. If you do not get it while make it, just select the vertex and adjust the coordinate at the bottom of your screen.



Select your line and convert it into an Editable Spline.



Select all the vertexes to select them, right click, and click on smooth. Adjust them to the shape that you want your petal to be.



Using the Snap tool on vertex mode, take the spline's pivot and snap it to the bottom vertex.



Under the modify tab, add the modifier Lathe. If you keep the degrees at 360 then you will just have a weird looking vase, but the Lathe tool has so many possibilities once you learn how to use it. For now just turn the degrees from 360 to 100. 



We now have the basic shape of a petal, but it is very narrow. So apply a FFD 3x3x3 modifier, this will allow you to move around the mesh in general location. Make the petal a little wider near the middle and pull any other side you feel needs expanding. 



Now add an Edit Mesh modifier, this will make it workable like an editable poly but you still get to keep your modifier stack and can mess with the line to reform it if you ever feel the need to. While under vertex mode, turn on soft select and start to give the petal so form. Rose petals curl back near the tip and have dents in them. They are not perfect cup shapes. Select vertexes and start pushing and pulling, just don't go too crazy.



Lastly unwrap your rose petal so that when you clone, all the other petals get the unwrap and you don't have to unwrap 27 different petals. Once you complete this petal, you have most of the rose completed. The rest of the rose if just cloning in ways that I've found to be most successful and other tips. For Part 2, please click here.


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