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Finishing Your Environmental Asset

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Finishing Your Environmental Asset 


It is finally time to finish the environmental asset. While finish this object I'll be going over some things that are usually overlooked. Although there are a lot of simple steps, this tutorial should go by really fast. I hope you all enjoy.


Start by clicking the top polygons in face mode and cloning them upwards (shift + drag upwards).



Grab the vertexes on the edges and pull them up till they are about even with the other vertexes. 



Now using the border tool, select the the edge and lift it up. 



Select all the faces and flip them so the image so appears on the outside.



Using the border tool again, select the edge and click on cap.



Use the cut tool to cut across the the top and split the cap into 4.



Grab the middle polygon and pull it down a little. Then click on turn under edge mode and turn any edges that are not facing towards the center by clicking them. Do this for both sides.



Auto smooth your object and lower it into position. You can also rescale it and rotate it to make different bags seam different bags.


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