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Creating Environmental Objects For Your Scene With Modifiers

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Creating Environmental Objects for your Scene with Modifiers 



An empty scene can really make any work of art seem like it is incomplete or beginners work. By adding a few assists to a scene, a boring ally way can become a dangerous neighborhood or even a stage for an exciting story. In this tutorial we will be creating the basic mesh for a garbage bag using some of the features and modifiers in 3ds Max. Later on we will take the garbage bag into a sculpting programming and create a high poly to act as a bump map.


Start by creating a cube that has 4 division across all dimensions. This will give us enough geometry to work with without making it to high poly. These are only assist, the maps will do the work selling all the detail later.


Add a Spherify modifier to your cube and make sure the percent is at 100



Convert the Cube/Sphere into an editable poly. Grab the top vertex and turn on soft select. Soft select will help you create the tear drop shape that garbage bags have. Just pull up the top vertex until you get the shape you want.





Now at the near the top, go to Freeform > Paint Deform > Shift and fix the garbage bag into the shape you want. This tool allows you to move vertexs around like in a sculpting program. Try to get a shape that resembles the natural shape of a trash page. Only worry about the top portion of the bag for now.





Under your modifier, put the melt modifier on your asset. Here you can make it appear as if items are weighing down your bag and give it a nice shape at the bottom.



Convert into an editable poly again and select element and your asset. Then click relax to redraw your geometry, give it a more natural look and yor base mesh is complete. Click here for how to paint detail into your new bag.


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