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Ben Pope

Game Music That Changed Your Life

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Hey everyone, this topic looks at game music again and the truly special composition pieces that stand out from the rest. One area I have seen receive much less attention than others is game music and audio. That is when compared to the visual and gameplay elements among other game compositional components. I see game music and audio quality as one of the highest marks on a review of a game. Without properly designed musical scores and well-done themes to go along with a game there will be something lacking from that title.

  Even with music and audio, when the music and audio are done poorly it sticks out to players. Immersion is one of the reasons these two areas are so important because they draw a player into the world of the game. This is quite apparent as I have seen when I play a game and then try to listen to music not on the game-it feels off and it feels foreign-thus breaking the circle and connection to that world. Music in games and movies fosters auditory memories much like other types of sensory memories. It is hard to hear a them once heard as a child playing at video game brand and not hear that later and be taken back.

  What are your experiences with game music that changed your lives? To get started I would have to start recently and go with:

  1. Alan Wake;

  2. Fallout 3;

  3. Bioshock 


  I want to hear from all readers as it is inspiring to learn of more amazing game soundtracks from Indie and AAA titles.

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