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Ben Pope

Broken Sword 5: The Surpent's Curse

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  To start, Revolution Software's most amazing Broken Sword series is just a wonderful story and the characters really make the game series what it is. Controls and gameplay and art style have hooked me since the beginning. If you have not played the series that came out in the 90s on PC and Playstation, and like Adventure games that are addicting, you can now go pick up the collection of the older games on PC in an compilation. However, the game I am talking of above is a new one in the series that was released as an episodic series in 2014. The game got funded in 2012 and is now in its second episode on mobile and PC. Mastertronic games publishes the titles.

  The reason this game title is in the mobile section is because Revolution Software decided to offer their older Broken Sword titles on tablets and mobile phone platforms starting around 2010. This is when I picked up the remake of the original and then had to get the second. Having these old PC titles on my mobile phone in HD splendor brought me and others back to the series once again.

  The mobile interface works great for point-and-click adventures as the touch screen is there for the purpose. The voice acting is lovely and the new textures and artwork are even more beautiful than before in the newest title. I would recommend trying out the first one on a mobile device to see if you enjoy it. The price is reasonable at about $5.00 for each episode.


  Link to check out the game details:


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