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Ben Pope

Gold Rush! Classic And Hd Remake

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  For this I am going to be talking about the game that is being re-done by Sunlight Games of Germany. This is Gold Rush! A game originally released by publisher Sierra On-Line, Inc. in 1987 on computers, the classic version of the original has been released again on Steam. This is one of the old style type and move adventure games found in similar titles like King's Quest and Space Quest.

  The original is a good way to get yourself introduced to the game but might be too old for some not used to typing in commands and walking around without clicking the mouse. Since I started on these types of adventure games I have enjoyed playing the release version once again. The game follows the main character Jerrod Wilson who is living on his own in New York and finds himself traveling to California for the Gold Rush while also searching for his brother. Through this adventure players must accomplish certain tasks prior to heading out of New York and must do so quickly to leave when it is most opportune.

  As players go along they choose three different traveling routes and have adventures along the way. The new version of this game is coming out from Sunlight in normal and collector's versions. The game looks absolutely stunning graphically and has been tweaked to accommodate today's gamers. If you like adventure games at all this game is a classic to sample and definitely on my pre-order list especially since I am getting the big box retro version I used to buy as a kid.


Images and links below:


Sunlight Games Site:

Steam Link:









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