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Evan Reynolds

Finding Teddy Game ( Pc )

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This game is about a little girl that was sleeping peacefully with her Teddy bear, when suddenly, a spider like creature comes out of her closet and slowly stretching across to steal her favorite teddy bear away from her. Once the door to her closet was close she noticed her teddy bear was taken then looks into the closet and falls down into a magical world, full of monsters , and other weird creatures anything to help find her teddy. 


Still the main question remains to everyone: Can she go home ..back to the real world? 


So far from playing this game its a point and click adventure game 

You can meet 2 characters alone the way 

You can also save the game anytime, so if you die you will just be automatically loaded to the place you saved. 

No much dialogue but the Riddles are the main point to the game. 


This game maybe very short but its worth its play !!  

With it's Dark Tales  



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