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Ben Pope

Careers In Game Art

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  For this topic I wanted to talk about the idea of having a career in gaming and its related art fields. As a current game design and art/animation student I find that pursuing a career in gaming has become a very different concept. In the past gaming was originally designed by computer programmers who developed games solo, or in groups, without the separation of game art into its own special category as a distinct profession. Game design as a separate art form was not seen.

  I just wanted to know thoughts on the separation of each game production role into distinctly separate career paths. Is this good? One area comes to mind when thinking about this-in the past, game producers knew and took on the different tasks to make games although they may not have been perfect in every role. Now so many students are in one major and finish knowing one skill set-so artists do art, designers design, and programmers program. Has this helped or hindered the gaming industry as far as teams are concerned and the development process? Would it be good to require game students to take a dual-major when pursuing gaming as an educational and career path?

  I have talked to some at my school who do not seem to understand the need for learning other gaming areas other than their preferred. Even among some in their major there is a narrowing of focus on specialized areas within the major rather than an emphasis on pushing out for more skills. I once heard a statement that "It is good to specialize in one skill area but to be familiar with others." This can apply to gaming and game development.

  So, continue on specialization and more narrowed focus or push for game developers to have a broad skill base like in the early days? This range of skills could include other abilities and schools of knowledge outside only gaming.


  There is one site that I believe does a good job of introducing Careers in Art as encompassing all forms of skills that involve design combined with art. This demonstrates the interrelated nature of arts to each other.


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