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Joshua Thomasson

Abyss Odyssey - A Game To Check Out

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I've had this game for a while, but never got around to playing it. I did finally start it up a few days ago, and I've got to say I really enjoy it. It's a bit easier than I'd expect from a Rogue-like game, I'll admit, but it's still a pretty solid game. It was made in Unreal, so it looks gorgeous. The backgrounds are easy on the eyes, the models look good, and the animations are smooth.


The game play is pretty smooth, although it's a bit easy like I said. The game can give you essentially three lives before you start over. Aside from playing as your normal character, you can collect enemy souls and become those enemies. Each enemy has different moves and specials, and their own life bar. If you die as the enemy, you just turn back into your normal character and lose the soul. Then if your normal character dies, you play as a generic soldier, who's job is to get to one of several shrines throughout the abyss to revive. The soldiers themselves are decently strong as well, and have their own specials, so they can survive. I made it though about 3 floors of the abyss as a soldier before I found a shrine, and I have plenty of health left. All of that coupled with checkpoints you can set, if you have a rare and expensive item, ensured that I made it down to the bottom of the abyss pretty much every play through. I didn't always beat the last boss, but still I could make it reliably.


Even then, the game's still really fun and there's all sorts of side things in the Abyss to explore. There are optional bosses, deals with the devil, uncheckables, and other distractions. Plus, since it's a rogue-like the abyss changes every time anyway, so the replayability is there. To top it all off, there's co-op and a versus mode as well, in which you can play as the main characters and several NPCs you meet throughout the game. All in all, it was a solid use a $15 in my opinion and a good pick up for anyone that likes enjoys-likes.


Also, it's on consoles as well if for some reason PC isn't your thing. I will admit a control would probably feel a bit better for this game, but I haven't tried it yet.



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