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Ben Pope

Cel-shading In Games, Good Or Bad?

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  Someone in one of my classes the other day complained about cel shading as a graphic style in video games. I told him that I believed it was amazing for a style of art in games. This argument has been heard so long that it is something I wanted to cover with examples. I believe that it is a style that works depending on the purpose of the game it is in. This is really where the art style of games should be judged. Is the art appropriate for the Narrative of the game story, the atmosphere, and the feeling the game is trying to convey to players in its target audience? If so, then I see it as an appropriate style.

  On a forum I checked on this topic from one member Madster claims "When a game attempts to look realistic AND cel-shaded, the complete effect is jarring." How do you guys feel about this statement and the use of cel shading in video games as an art style? With the newer uses of cel shading in such games as Telltale Games' Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead, I believe both of these looks can be done effectively together.


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