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Ben Pope

Not An Indie Game But..

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  For this post, I am submitting a link to a video that analyzes game level design in Super Mario Bros. from Design Club. I am in the class now and think this video really starts a topic I would like to discuss further-Good Level Design we can look to in games. I never really thought about Mario this in-depth but now that I see this it makes sense.

  One of the key elements in Critical Analysis I have heard is that everything in a level should have a design intent behind it, and a purpose for the player. It is something we do not always consider, but when designing think about those times when you have played a game and run into a hallway and searched everywhere only to find that you made your way up to that area and worked hard for nothing. There was nothing in the room or hallway, and you said "Why did they place this stupid hallway here for?"

  We have all said that once or twice. Even if something is placed for artistic and graphic purposes these are usually not pathways that players will be striving to look for items or secrets in.


  Here is the link:


  I will look for other examples of games that have good design elements from Indie studios that can help those with questions on Good Design. If you guys know image or video examples of games you feel represent great design follow up on this topic.


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