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Ben Pope

Art In Video Games

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  This is my first post in the forum, but I plan to post regularly in Game Art since I am studying Game Design and Game Art/Animation at UAT. The post I am making today is to fill in those who may not know about the Art in Video Games exhibit that happened in 2012-2013 originating at the Smithsonian with smaller shows at art museums around the country, including Phoenix. I attended this show and met the originator and creator Chris Mellisinos. I discussed with him my own Student Innovation Project on the history of video games for educational purposes at UAT. He offered advice on how to proceed as he too wrote a book to accompany the exhibit.

  The links that follow are to connect readers with the exhibit details to follow-up on this show. The first link has links within the page to go to pages on Mr. Mellisinos, the book, and more exhibits. The second link will go to the actual Phoenix Art Museum exhibit. For some reason the forum will not allow copying and pasting links to this box.


  Let me know what you think of this exhibit, it was great.



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