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Joshua Thomasson

Tug Updates

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A while back, the popular Youtube group The Yogscast wanted to make their own game. The game would be similar to Minecraft, as that was what they gained their fame by playing, but have different graphics, gameplay, and so forth to stop it from being an exact clone. After they ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign, they ran out of money and the project had to be shut down.


However, enough progress was made on the game to create a new and better one, TUG! The Unnamed Game! Or The Ultimate Goat. Or whatever else you wanted to call it. Part of the idea was that players got to name the game. This was supposed to make up for the failed Yogscast game, and more importantly ensure that people's money didn't go to waste. Backers will receive keys to the game, and be able to play it during development. Recently, a new batch of updates were pushed out. Here's the first video of a few, which will be released over the next few days, that go through the updates, albeit with a little nonsense here and there.

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