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Joshua Thomasson

Inidecade - International Festival Of Independent Games

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The IndieCade International Festival of Independent Games is just around the corner, and it's something that's definitely worth going to. If you're not sure what this festival's about, allow me to enlighten you. From Oct 9 - Oct 12, top indie developers will be gathering in the Los Angles area, and bringing 150 of the year's top indie games with them. What's more, they'll bring games still in development for you to play and try out. So not only can meet and greet with your favorite developers (and expand your network of contacts) you can see what they're up to and the newest innovations in indie games.


If this isn't enough to entice you, then GameU will be. GameU is a series of sessions and tutorials run by professionals to educate up and coming game developers with the knowledge they need to get started. Some lessons are what you might expect, such as a quick introduction to programming in Unity, design workshops, and a few art shops, while others are sprinkled throughout. They'll cover what makes a good university game program, to both help young students choose the best university and help universities know what they need to do to give students a successful education. These only scratch the surface of all the events being held as part of GameU this year, which is promised to be their biggest GameU yet!


If you want to read over all the events, head over to and take a look.


If you want to look over the festival as a whole, then look at


Or, if you just want to pick up your tickets (with an early bird discount) then check out to get the tickets you need, with an All Access pass running at $445 for early birds.

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