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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys. I know websites that indie developers can use to score free game sound effects and music for their games. The secret is knowing where to look. So, I’ve made the process even easier by compiling a list of websites that offer free game sound effects that you can use in your next project. Many of these sites vary from major sound databases like to small blog sites dedicated to a particular niche. It’s important when you’re using sound asset sites to check the license agreement. Each website’s policy and usage guidelines may vary. So, be sure to check for commercial use and whether giving attribution is required or not.
  2. Okay, technical Wurm's been out for a while now (at least 3 years) but it's a game that doesn't get much publicity. The only reason I learned about it is because my friend told me about it. It's free to play, although there is a limit to how high you can raise your skills before you have to be premium. But even with that cap, there's a ton of time to be spent in the game. Now I'm not going to lie, it's a massive grind fest. So far in the game, I've made m own little shack, a small farm encircled in a stone walled fence, and an iron gate to lock it off. That doesn't sound like much, but all in all that took about 6-8 hours. It's a true open world sandbox game, where you can claim your own part of the world and build on it, but it takes a long time to get things done. So, it's a different kind of fun that not everyone will enjoy. You have to work to get things done. You need to take steps to protect your things from other players. A wolf can easily kill a new player. It goes for realism over convenience of gameplay. But, once you finally do get something done, you feel great about it and appreciate it more. It's better to play with friends, as most MMOs are, but you can still find random people in the world and even join their settlements and villages. It's all about living your life as best you can, and that makes it fun. Also, you can slap cows in combat. What's not to love?
  3. Hey guys, We're a small danish company called Kunju Studios who love games and have previously worked on tools for gamers and game developers. Over the past months we have been working on a way to put the work and ideas of indie game developers in the spotlight. What we’ve come up with is Epocu. Envisioned to be a hub for upcoming games and game concepts, Epocu offers developers a unique opportunity to test their ideas and assumptions before investing time in it. Upon presenting the idea, developers can set up the interest goal to see if they can achieve the critical mass of people interested in their game concept. Once the interest goal you set up is achieved, a message of your choice will be shared through the social media of your supporters at the time you think you would benefit most from the buzz and attention it deserves. We hope you will check it out and help us make the platform that the indie game development deserves. Epocu is completely free to use and it always will be, in hopes that the attention created helps you find investors, a fanbase as well as lay down a solid foundation for a kickstarter campaign. If you’re interested to learn more about us, you can check it out in more detail here. Feel free to leave us your feedback or suggestions in the comments; we will do our best to answer you as soon as possible! :-)