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  1. Rim World follows three survivors of a crashed space liner, marooned on a frontier world at the rim of the galaxy. Each survivor has unique traits, backgrounds, and skills that affect how they can help build and defend their new colony. The game draws from a vast amount of physical and mental traits in order to make each colonist and play-through unique. You’ll be able to gather more colonists by taking them in, rescuing them, converting them, or even buying them. The player is able to control the colonists and give them specific tasks to carry out during the day and night. Every day on the planet, as you adapt your colony, will be filled with many trials and tribulations as you battle the elements, sickness, mental illness, and even raiders. Rim World currently has three AI storytellers in production, each with specific styles of gameplay. Cassandra is the storyteller AI that focuses on creating a rising tension throughout the game and will keep the player on their toes through sustained conflict. Phoebe is the storyteller AI that makes for a peaceful game experience and will allow the player to flourish with minimal conflict. Finally, there is Randy, the AI that tells a story of chaos and disorder with no specific agenda or goal. Randy creates a truly unusual game experience. Rim World is being developed by Ludeo Studios with the use of Unity and grossed $256,413.91 during its time on Kickstarter. Upon its release, we’ll be looking forward to creating our own colonies and experiencing all that the game has to provide. We are especially interested in seeing just how different each of our playthroughs will be. If you are interested in taking a look at Rim World you can follow the link to their website here.