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  1. In case, for some reason, you haven't heard, Microsoft bought Minecraft this week. I did a little digging around and from what I understand Notch, and a few other head honchos at Mojang, simply felt Minecraft had gotten too big. Notch never expected Minecraft to get as big as it did, let alone become a global phenomenon. It had gotten so big that Notch couldn't work on any of his other projects. Minecraft was just too demanding, so they needed a bigger company to take over. Mojang and Microsoft had been working together for a few years already, so I guess they were the obvious choice. If you want to know more, go do a little digging on the internet. It's pretty easy to find articles about it. I don't think it's a hostile takeover of Minecraft or anything, but I do wonder what this'll mean for the future of the game. We've been promised continued development on the game, but that's it. In the best case scenario, then Minecraft continues to grow and the community loves it. Worst case, we pay subscription fees for updates and dlc, or something like that. But, I don't see it going that far.