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  1. After creating or obtaining a decal, there still remains the question of how do I apply it in my environment. It could not be showing it up or not be slightly faded. In this tutorial we will be going through the steps to ensure that the correct procedures are done to apply a decal. I've created a wall and sidewalk to have someplace to place my decal after the texturing is finished. As you can see the wall texture is seamless but does have a noticeably streak going through it. If this was in a game it would not be a pleasant sight to see, a streak every four steps. Luckily decals can help break up that seam and make it very less noticeable. A decal is just a simple one poly square plane. Because decals are created in the power of two, as long as your plane is a square, you don't have to worry about your image getting distorted. Now open your material editor (M key) and create a new standard material. Under the Diffuse Color, assign your decal. Get the same box being used for the Diffuse Color and link it to the Opacity. Scroll down a little until you can see the Bitmap Parameters, there turn the Mono Channel Output to Alpha and uncheck Premultiplied Alpha. Assign your material to your plane and make sure it is turned on. Lastly just move and resize your decal to your liking. Try to get the plane as close to whatever you're putting it on without going completely in. If you're worried about it going in or see some lines going across it when you get too close to the wall, run a test render to make sure how it looks. In the end even just one decal goes a long way. After the making and putting on your first decal, you'll find this process very fast and a huge help to any project you're trying to spruce up.