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  1. I've gone through 6 rounds of This War of Mine, and I know I have my main survivors I can't live without. Katia, the bargaining girl, holds a special place in my heart as the lone survivor of my first round, sadly killing Marco and Bruno during the playthrough. Speaking of Bruno, he's also a character I like to have on my team, due to his abilities as a chef to not use up as many materials for cooking. If you've played This War of Mine you probably have at least one or two survivors you gravitate towards as being "the best." So, who do you think are the best?
  2. Hey, I'm Alex and brand new to the site. Snapshots about me: I used to write for the website Nerd Underground. I'm also a gamer (duh). I've been recently powering through Darkest Dungeon and This War of Mine. Looking forward to writing again and being able to write about video games too.