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Popular Indie Game VVVVVV Pulled From 3DS Store Due To Hacking Exploit

Matthew Byrd
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2010's smash-hit indie platformer VVVVVV was recently pulled from the North American 3DS eShop due to an unusual glitch that allowed the game to be used for hacking purposes.


According to a post from a hacker by the name of ShinyQuagsire on a popular hacking forum, the indie game contained a savepoint glitch that could be exploited in order to allow a player to import unofficial software into the 3DS. This is the second recent hacking exploit the user has discovered in a 3DS title, as they also revealed that Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon could be used for a similar purpose.


Interestingly, the hack itself appears to be somewhat unnecessary as it requires the use of a third party software system that in and of itself is able to bypass the same systems that this exploit is meant to get around. Nevertheless, Nintendo has decided to remove the game from the 3DS store with no official notice on whether or not it is expected to return to the system's digital store in the future.


However, it is worth noting that a similar issue was found in 3DS game Ironfall Invasion last year and that a fixed version of that title was allowed to return to the store after the game's developer made the necessary fixes to the coding.


For his part, the game's creator Terry Cavanaugh seemed rather shocked about the whole situation. He commented on the initial findings on his Twitter page with more curiosity than alarm and later noted that the fact that this glitch had to be stacked on top of existing hacking software potentially meant that he would not have to make direct changes to the game after all.


Given the recent history of hacked, digital 3DS titles, though, it seems likely that modifications will be requested by Nintendo in the near future. Until then, the game is currently still available on the European eShop.

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