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Bohemian Killing Wins The Award For Best Indie Game Description

Matthew Byrd
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It takes a lot to stand out on Steam and in the world of indie gaming in general. Typically, the best way to do this is through an eye-catching description. Something that will immediately separate your game from everything else out there and immediately inspire everyone to give it a look.


So far as that goes, Bohemian Killing's billing as a "Nonlinear First Person Courtroom Drama Set In The Streets Of 19th Century Steampunk Paris" may just take the cake as the greatest indie game description out there at the moment.


What does that loaded tagline actually mean? Well, according to the game's full description found on its Greenlight page, Bohemian Killing places you in the shoes of a brilliant inventor by the name of Alfred Ethon who has been accused of murder. Half of the game takes place in the courtroom where the trial of your life is being held. Here, you must examine the evidence placed against you in order to put together the best possible testimony for your defense.


Where things get really interesting is in the testimony process itself. Here, you must travel back in time to the night of the supposed incident and re-enact your story as you deliver it. The trick here is that you are essentially able to form whatever defense you'd like based one what you feel will go over best with the jury and judge.


The game's creator promises a near infinite amount of possibilities based on the way in which you prefer to build your testimony. For instance, you may be able to explain the blood on your clothes by getting into a bar fight near the time of the murder or by cutting yourself shaving. While there is some room for doubt regarding whether or not the game's developer can live up to his sizeable promises (how often have we heard of a game with "infinite possibilities" before?) so far the game looks like it may be able to provide a unique experience at the very least.

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