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Overlooked Indies For September 2nd

Frank Streva
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Pictured above: Valley


I'm back with another massive batch of recent indie games to highlight. There have been a ton of new releases lately, so we have a bunch of them to go through today.


Everything is Peachy

Peacock Dreams Games





No Man's Sky isn't the only recent procedurally generated adventure about reaching the center of the galaxy. Everything is Peachy is a resource gathering strategy game about guiding your army of peach-fueled robots to a showdown in the center of the known universe. As you hop from planet to planet, you'll need to refuel by building efficient supply chains with your robots to transport peaches from trees back to your starship. It won't be that easy though, as many planets are full of hazards and harsh conditions that can impede your progress.








Pan-Pan is a visually stunning open world puzzle and exploration game. This narrative-focused title tells it's story primarily through the beautiful environments you'll discover on your journey. Use various tools and gadgets to solve complex puzzles that open up new areas for you to explore on your quest to return home.


The Hive

Skydome Entertainment





The Hive is a fantasy RTS/RPG that recently exited Early Access. You are the hive mind for a race of insectoid creatures the dwell deep underneath the surface of the barren deserts of Eden. Lead your race through ancient ruins and lush underground forests in this RTS where your choices and actions can determine the outcome of a branching storyline.


Master of Orion

NGD Studios





Another game that recently released from Early Access is Master of Orion, a reboot of the classic space 4X funded by the developers behind World of Tanks. This reboot includes modern interpretations of many of the franchise's classic races and core gameplay loops, but largely takes the series in a new direction with real-time combat and more streamlined mechanics. The AI in its current form is apparently quite weak, and the fandom is divided on many of the changes, but it's still a high budget 4X that might be worth checking out as new content is released. Hopefully the Antarians will be among the first post-launch additions.



Soldak Entertainment





Zombasite is another top-down action RPG set during a zombie apocalypse, but hear me out before skipping ahead or closing the window. Firstly, Zombasite is brought to us by Soldak, a fairly quirky developer responsible for some really unique takes on the ARPG genre. Secondly, this zombie apocalypse is the result of a necromancer in a fantasy world full of magic and exotic races. Recruit followers to your clan to help you survive the zombie hordes and raid rival clans, or bring your friends along in the co-op multiplayer mode.


Dungeon Punks

Hyper Awesome Entertainment





Dungeon Punks is an arcadey beat 'em up reminiscent of Golden Axe, but with a tag team combat system similar to Marvel vs Capcom. Choose two of the six mutant heroes to play across twelve levels packed with enemies and loot. Much like in Golden Axe, you'll find mounts and companion animals to help you in combat. Dungeon Punks can be played alone or with two other friends, and is also available on Vita, PS4, and Xbox One.



Counterplay Games Inc.





Duelyst has finally made its way to Steam after being officially out of beta for over a month now. Duelyst is the latest digital card game attracting everyone's attention, and combines the usual collecting and deck building with a tactical battle system kind of like the now defunct Scrolls. The game currently features over 400 cards spread across 6 factions, with new ones being added regularly.


The Storm Guard: Darkness is Coming

Bitmen Studios





In The Storm Guard, you play as the Lord Commander of the titular order following decades of diminishing power and influence. Worse yet, the very creatures the Storm Guard were created to vanquish have now returned. It's your job to rebuild the order by recruiting new heroes, repairing the Storm Guard's abandoned fortress, and bring peace back to the land in turn-based tactical battles against the forces of evil.



Lion's Shade





Finally we come to Tempest, a new open world pirate RPG. Pillage, smuggle, and trade your way across the high seas as you develop your captain, expand your crew, and acquire new ships. Tempest features a few magical and mythological twists too, with cultists, curses, mystical amulets that allow you to cast spells in battle, and massive sea monsters to hunt. While the game can be played entirely by yourself, you can invite friends along on your quest to terrorize trade routes across the ocean.



Not enough games for you? Check these out as well:


Valley, a first-person action platformer that places you in control of an agile exosuit.


N++, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed minimalistic platformer from 2008.


Tavernier, a short interactive novel with light tavern management.


Battleline: Steel Warfare, a free-to-play tank combat strategy game with shooter elements.


Optika, a puzzle game based around manipulating lights, lasers, and magnets.


Obduction, a puzzle-heavy adventure game from some of the people that brought you Myst.


Worms W.M.D, the latest installment in the popular turn-based artillery game.


Tribe of Pok, a survival game about managing a tribe of hunter-gatherers.


Metrico+, a puzzle-platformer set in a bizarre world of pie charts, line diagrams, and bar graphs.



I'll be back soon with more new indie game highlights.

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