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Overlooked Indies For September 25th

Frank Streva
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Pictured above: RIVE


We've had no shortage of cool indie releases lately, and this week was no exception. I hope you brought your wallets.



Reakktor Studios





Gamers looking to get their arena shooter fix should check out TOXIKK, which recently released from Early Access. This FPS promises to offer a refreshingly old-school fragging experience straight from 1999, all with a modern coat of paint. TOXIKK features an interesting business model too, with an extensive free version that you can try before deciding to upgrade to the full version. Some of the perks to upgrading include more maps, a campaign mode, custom servers, and full access to the level editor and Steam Workshop content.


Cossacks 3

GSC Game World





The Cossacks series finally returns after a decade-long hiatus with Cossacks 3. Cossacks 3 is the first in the series to go fully 3D, all while retaining the massive land and sea battles the franchise is known for. The game's single player content consists of 5 historical campaigns in addition to randomly generated skirmish maps, with 12 playable nations total and hundreds of units and research options.


Avadon 3: The Warborn

Spiderweb Software





Avadon 3 is the third and final chapter of Spiderweb's Avadon series, and the last game to use their current engine. Like all of Spiderweb's titles, Avadon 3 is an old-school inspired CRPG featuring over 100 hours of gameplay with multiple endings and deep character customization. Spiderweb claims that you don't need experience with the previous Avadon games to enjoy Avadon 3, but I'd still recommend checking out the previous two titles while you're at it. Also on GOG.


Space Rogue

Red Beat





Another game that recently released from Early Access is Space Rogue, a space roguelite inspired by FTL. This sandbox exploration game places you in control of a starship, leading your crew across a procedurally generated galaxy where your goals are ultimately up to you. Over 200 random events ensure that each playthrough is fresh, and there is a Sandbox mode that allows you to tweak the game's galaxy generation algorithm to suit your tastes. Also on GOG.


Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander

Massive Damage, Inc.





Halcyon 6 is another recent space game with roguelike elements. Whereas Space Rogue is focused on exploration, Halcyon 6 is more of an XCOM/4X game about establishing a space fortress on the edges of Terran space. Your base will serve as Earth's best defense against a hostile alien race gradually creeping into Federation territory. Battles are turn-based and use an almost JRPG-style combat system, and war will be waged both between fleets and on the soil of exotic alien worlds. Also on GOG.



Ocelot Society





Event[0] is a narrative sci-fi exploration game where you are the sole remaining human on an abandoned ship in the depths of space. Your only companion is Kaizen, a computer AI that you can interact with by typing at terminals around the ship. Kaizen has over 2 million programmed responses, and your relationship with the AI can change based on your interactions. Build your relationship with Kaizen so you can gradually unravel the history of the ship and safely return to Earth. Also on GOG.








Seraph is an acrobatic 2D shooter where you control a gun-wielding angel trying to restore her powers and escape a prison infested with demons. Combat consists of fast-paced and skillful gun-fu, complete with dodges, cartwheels, and upgradeable weapons and Miracles you'll discover as you progress through the game's procedurally generated levels. Streamers might also be interested in Seraph's Twitch integration, which allows viewers to vote for modifiers to help or hinder the player between levels.



N-Fusion Interactive





Ember is a CRPG made in the classical style of games from the '90s and early '00s. You are a Lightbringer, an ancient being resurrected to save a world on the brink of collapse. On your adventure through the world of Ember you'll encounter a variety of new companions to aid you in the game's party-based real-time tactical battles, each of which have unique story quests that reveal more about their background. Ember promises over 70 quests that equal out to around 30 hours of content.








Finally we come to Zenith, another recent indie CRPG that leans a bit more on the humorous side. You play as Argus, a arcanologyst that accidently unleashed an apocalyptic event after toying with an ancient artifact. Now he devotes his days to protecting dangerous artifacts from the hands of clueless adventurers looking for their next loot fix in dungeons and tombs across the land. Also on GOG, Xbox One, and PS4.



Not enough games for you? Check out these as well:


Pankapu, an episodic narrative action-platformer where you can switch between three characters. $4.99


What The Box?, an online multiplayer game where players are living boxes playing a deadly game of hide and seek in a warehouse. $4.99


The Bunker, an FMV horror game where you play as a lone survivor in a nuclear fallout bunker. $19.99


Ian's Eyes, a stealth game where you play as a blind kid's seeing eye dog during a zombie apocalypse. $9.99


RIVE, a 360-degree shooter-platformer hybrid. $14.99


Gearguns, a vehicular shooter that places you in control of a tank defending Earth during an alien invasion. $7.99


Featherpunk Prime, a shooter-platformer where you control an agile robot flamingo. $9.99


Marooners, a local multiplayer party game where the minigames are constantly switching mid-match. $12.99


Cashtronauts, a top-down arcade shooter about looting and smuggling in deep space. $7.99



I'll be back soon with more new indie release highlights.

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