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Overlooked Indies For September 17th

Frank Streva
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Pictured above: Assault Suit Leynos


After a bit of a hiatus I'm back with another massive batch of recent indie game releases. So many games have been released since the last Overlooked Indies that I'll need to split them up between multiple articles, so make sure you come back for the second batch later.








There has been a depressing lack of ludicrously fast anti-grav racing games in the last few years, and Redout seeks to remedy this situation. The game promises to be crammed full of high speed sci-fi racing, with an extensive career mode, online multiplayer, multiple teams and classes of ships, and upgradeable powerups and that add an extra layer of progression. While VR support is one of Redout's big selling points, it is still completely optional.


Mother Russia Bleeds

Le Cartel Studio





Mother Russia Bleeds is the latest indie game brought to you by Devolver Digital, and has been getting a lot of attention for its visceral and ultraviolent combat. Players take on the role of hardened street fighters punching and smashing their way out of the harshest prisons the USSR has to offer. Drugs play a huge role in both the crazy storyline and gameplay, acting as a powerup that grants immense strength and can be refueled by spilling the blood of your enemies. As with any brawler worth its salt, Mother Russia Bleeds also features co-op, albeit local only. Also on GOG.


The Final Station

Do My Best





The Final Station fills the slot for this week's obligatory survival/crafting roguelite title. Travel across a dying world by train as you choose to either help or loot any survivors you encounter along the way. You'll need to stop periodically at train stations to look for valuable supplies and ammo, but doing so also comes with significant risks as you encounter the zombie-like Infected. You can also find The Final Station on GOG, PS4, and Xbox One.


Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire

Whale Hammer Games





Tahira is a tactical turn-based RPG set on a planet where technology and society have regressed following the collapse of a massive intergalactic empire. You play as Tahira, the princess of the kingdom of Avestan, as they are attacked by the Astral Empire. The story is set over the course of a single night, and one of the game's selling points is the lack of "filler" battles. Each encounter is unique and handcrafted, negating the need to grind for experience before you can tackle the next quest. Also on GOG.


The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

Tin Man Games





The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is a digital tabletop RPG inspired by the Fighting Fantasy gamebook of the same name from 1982. The simultaneous turn-based battles are set on grids, and each character and monster is represented by a miniature. Explore the dungeons of Firetop Mountain as you slay monsters, make game-changing decisions, and collect new miniatures you can use in future runs.


Seasons After Fall

Swing Swing Submarine





Seasons After Fall is a new 2D puzzle-platformer with gorgeous artwork developed by the studio behind Blocks That Matter and Tetrobot and Co. You play as a fox on a quest to find the four guardians of the seasons in a magical forest world. Meeting each guardian grants you the ability to control the season they represent, and all of the game's puzzles are based around changing the seasons to manipulate the environment.


The Curious Expedition






The Curious Expedition is a roguelite expedition game that draws much of its inspiration from classic pulp adventure tales. Create a band of famous 19th century explorers and personalities, then lead them through procedurally generated stories set in lush, unexplored jungles. Discover ancient civilizations, interact with native tribes unknown to the Western world, and fend off prehistoric beasts from the dawn of time. Also on GOG.



Tuque Games





Livelock is a cooperative top-down shooter RPG that was picked up and published by Perfect World Entertainment. Take control of one of three upgradable robots as you try to end the machine war that caused the downfall of humanity. While drop-in, drop-out online co-op is the primary focus of Livelock, you can still play the campaign and survival modes solo.








Finally we come to RunGunJumpGun, a difficult retro-style two button platformer. You are strapped to a massive gatling gun that acts as both a weapon and a means of propulsion. One button lets you fly, the other fires your gun at enemies in front of you. RunGunJumpGun is partially a rhythm game as well, with all the action being accompanied by a pulsing soundtrack that blends elements of electronic synth music with hip hop. Also of note is the special 25% discount deal that makes this already cheap platformer even cheaper if you own Downwell, Hotline Miami, or Xeodrifter.



Not enough games for you? Check out these other new releases:


NeuroVoider, a top-down twin-stick shooter with RPG elements and local co-op for up to 4 players.


Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, a rerelease of the action RPG classic designed to work on modern systems.


Hue, a puzzle-platformer based around changing the background color to get past obstacles.


Assault Suit Leynos, a PC HD rerelease of a cult classic Mega Drive shoot 'em up.


Lost Castle, an RPG beat 'em up with roguelite elements and procedurally generated dungeons and loot.


Project Highrise, a 2D skyscraper construction and management sim.


How to Survive 2, the sequel to 2013's top-down zombie looter and survival RPG.


Police Tactics: Imperio, a strategy game that places you in control of the Newport Falls Police Department.


Star Crusade, a new free-to-play digital card game along the lines of Hearthstone.



I'll be back soon with more new release highlights.

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