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Overlooked Indies For October 31st

Frank Streva
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Pictured above: Killing Room


I'm back with another batch of ten recent indie games that might have slipped past your radar. I'm not confirming that any of these games are good, just that they looked promising enough to stand out from the usual deluge of weekly releases on Steam. Should you find any games you like on this list, remember to spread the word and tell your friends about them. Most of these games probably won't get much in the way of media coverage.


Sky Break

Farsky Interactive





Originally released a year ago via Early Access, Sky Break is an open-world survival crafting game with a few unique elements for the genre. You have been sent to the planet of Arcania to find a cure for a deadly virus ravaging humanity, but an accident has left you stranded. Sky Break's enemies come in the form of strange robotic life forms, many of which can be hacked and turned into companions that will aid you in battle. Arcania's weather is another obstacle you'll need to overcome, as intense lightning storms can wreak havoc on the environment and hinder your progress.


Dark Train

Paperash Studio





Dark Train is a surreal and atmospheric 2D point 'n click puzzle adventure game with gorgeous papercraft graphics that were made entirely by hand. You play as a mechanical squid named Ann 2.35f that is charged with maintaining the mysterious Dark Train. In gameplay terms, this means exploring the train and solving puzzles as you uncover the story behind the train and the man who created it.



The Secret Games Company





Kim is a unique new adventure game set in colonial India. You play as Kim, a street urchin just trying to survive with whatever he can scrape together. Live through Kim's childhood, acquiring food and other necessities by any means necessary as you explore exotic locations and interact with characters drawn from history and folklore. Gameplay combines elements of resource management, stealth, the occasional bit of combat, and a conversation system that can lead to multiple outcomes and endings. Also available on GOG.


Cursed Castilla

Locomalito, Gryzor87





Cursed Castilla is an extended and upgraded PC port of the Spanish arcade title Maldita Castilla, and is a love letter to classic platformers like Ghosts 'n Goblins. Inspired by Spanish folklore, you play as the knight Don Ramiro on a quest to banish the evil that plagues the lands of Tolomera. Vanquish over 48 different types of enemies and 19 bosses across 8 stages with 4 different endings.



Anate Studio





Octave is a 2D point 'n click horror game with action elements. You find yourself dragged deep into a dark forest by a figure that seems intent on your murder before you are miraculously spared. Your nightmare is only beginning however, and now you must find a way out of the woods. Solve puzzles, avoid monsters, and ultimately survive the paranormal activity that haunts you at every turn.


Killing Room

Alda Games





Killing Room is the latest title to blend FPS action with roguelite elements. You play as a contestant in the titular Killing Room, the hottest deathmatch reality show of the 22nd century. Try to survive an onslaught of crazy monsters across 8 randomly generated levels to become one of the few survivors to win the grand prize. Killing Room also features Twitch integration, allowing a streamer's audience to reward or, more likely, punish their performance.


Oh My Gore!






Oh My Gore! is a tower defense/RTS hybrid published by Daedalic Entertainment that places you in the shoes of the newly resurrected God of War, Raelius. Build towers to defend your fortress of doom from the forces of good while commanding your own army of evil henchmen and dark champions. The game originally launched with 20 campaign missions, with a level editor and Steam Workshop integration coming in the near future.



Mirko Seithe





There have been quite a few space games lately that allow you to build your starship down to each individual module, and BossConstructor is the latest example. Build a ship from modular components and explore a vast, procedurally generated galaxy populated by the mysterious and constantly evolving von-Neumann. This alien race is driven by an elaborate AI that allows them to evolve and mutate during your playthrough, forcing you to adapt your play style on the fly to counter new subspecies.


Slayaway Camp

Blue Wizard Digital





Just in time for Halloween comes Slayaway Camp, a gory sliding puzzle game that allows you to play through your favorite '80s slasher film moments. Slide your psychopathic murderer Skullface around over 200 puzzles on your quest to slaughter over-sexed teenagers and their incompetent camp counselors.


Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers

Nerf Games





Finally we come to Lost Socks, a 2D platformer that gives me some major Earthworm Jim vibes. Travel to a bizarre parallel world in search of your kidnapped brother and blow up everything in your way with an arsenal of upgradeable weapons. Much like in old school platformers, each of the game's numerous levels are nonlinear, with multiple paths and secrets to discover.


That's all for now. I'll be back later this week with more indie release highlights.

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