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Overlooked Indies For October 20th

Frank Streva
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Pictured above: Thumper


After another hiatus, I'm back with a massive round-up of some interesting indie releases from the last few weeks. As always, I'm not outright endorsing any of these games, just highlighting some recent games you may have missed.


Rogue Wizards

Spellbind Studios





As its name implies, Rogue Wizards is a new dungeon crawling roguelike where players control a wizard from The Guild during its darkest moments. Like many games in the genre, most of Rogue Wizards involves fighting your way through randomly generated dungeons in search of loot. Between dungeon raids you'll have a chance to build your own town, craft potions and gear, and customize the wizard tower you call home.


Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

Witching Hour Studios





Masquerada is a vibrant party-based tactical RPG set in a Venetian city full of magic and intrigue. You play as Cicero Gavar, a sleuth that was exiled five years ago for crimes against the state. Now, Cicero has been brought back to solve the kidnapping of an important diplomat. Combat is played out in real-time, with a pause option to plot out more advanced maneuvers. A major part of the combat system involves "tagging" enemies with abilities to make them more vulnerable to other attacks and status effects.



Cyril Megem





The highly ambitious Warshift has finally left Early Access after some five years of development. This bizarre shooter, RPG, RTS, and MOBA hybrid was created by a single person who is clearly more talented than most of us could ever hope to be. Players build a base and command armies like in a more traditional RTS, but can directly control upgradeable hero units and vehicles to turn the tide of battle like in a third-person shooter.


The Metronomicon






Rhythm games and party-based RPGs collide in The Metronomicon. You control a party of 4 characters with their own unique abilities like in your average RPG, but during the entire battle you are playing a DDR-style rhythm game to successfully attack and defend. To make things even more hectic, combat is in real-time and you need to constantly swap between your characters to cast their abilities. As you can probably imagine, The Metronomicon's soundtrack is a major highlight of the game, and you can grab a copy of it with the $25 Deluxe Edition.


Particle Fleet: Emergence

Knuckle Cracker





Particle Fleet is a strange mix of fleet-based RTS and physics puzzle game. Build a fleet of fully customizable (and destructible) ships on a dangerous mission deep into Redacted Space. There you'll find the Particulate, a mysterious enemy that sweeps across space as a seemingly never-ending wave of particles. You'll have to establish defensive lines to hold back this bizarre, formless enemy that dynamically engulfs everything in its path.


Star Vikings

Rogue Snail





Some of the developers behind Dungeonland and Chroma Squad are back with Star Vikings, a casual puzzle RPG that is described as a "reverse Plants vs Zombies." Build a crew of 5 customizable Vikings, each with their own class and skills, as you assault enemy positions in a combat system that mixes strategy and puzzle solving. In addition to a 6 hour campaign, Star Vikings features procedurally generated levels to keep you occupied after the main story is over.


Viking Squad

Slick Entertainment Inc.





Our second Viking game of the week is Viking Squad, an RPG brawler reminiscent of Golden Axe and other classics of the genre. Choose from one of several playable Vikings, each with their own selection of skills and weapons. Find new gear and powerful mounts to aid you in combat, and choose which Norse gods to worship to further tweak your experience. Viking Squad also features both local and online co-op.



Lince Works





In Aragami, you play as an undead assassin with the ability to manipulate shadows. Play a deadly game of cat and mouse with the Army of Light as you sneak from shadow to shadow, stealthily killing guards and utilizing your supernatural abilities to infiltrate the fortress of Kyuryu and rescue the mysterious woman that summoned you.


Not enough cool new games for you? Check out these other titles:


GoNNER, a rock-hard procedurally generated platformer with a rather unique aesthetic.


Lichtspeer, a projectile-based spear-throwing action game set in a neon-lit, '80s-inspired Germanic future.


Sorcerer King: Rivals, a new standalone expansion to Stardock's fantasy 4X game set after evil has conquered the world.


Thumper, a rhythm-based racer full of frightening speed and hellish environments.


Butcher, a blood splattered 2D shooter that puts you in control of a homicidal cyborg sent to murder the last remnants of humanity.


Earthlock: Festival of Magic, the first chapter in a colorful new RPG series inspired by Japanese classics from the '90s.


Xenoraid, a new vertically scrolling shoot 'em up by the developers of Crimsonland.


Klang, an action game that blends classic rhythm gameplay with platforming and combat.



That's all for now. I'll (hopefully) be back soon with more new release highlights.


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