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Overlooked Indies For May 30th-June 4th

Frank Streva
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Pictured above: Hard Reset Redux


Before I begin, I just want to point out that the criminally underrated FPS gem Hard Reset received a new Redux version earlier this week. This new version is packed full of additional weapons, enemies, moves, various tweaks and rebalances, and the best part is that owners of the original game (or Flying Wild Hog's Shadow Warrior reboot) can get it at an 85% discount.


This week saw the release of many indie games I've been really excited about, so let's dig right in!



Stellar Jockeys, Gausswerks





I've been waiting with anticipation for Brigador ever since it was announced a few years back. This isometric tactical mech combat game features fully destructible environments, an awesome soundtrack, and a great graphics style reminiscent of some of my favorite PC games from the '90s. You play as a mercenary hired to liberate the city of Solo Nobre across a 21 mission campaign with permadeath and randomized enemies. Brigador certainly isn't lacking in the replayability department either, with 40 different weapons, 45 vehicles including mechs, tanks, and hovercrafts, and a randomly generated free play mode.


Blacksea Odyssey

Peter Milko, Sean Pinnock, and P J Legendre





Blacksea Odyssey is another game that came out this week that I've been excited about since it was originally announced, and both the gameplay and visuals remind me of last year's Galak-Z. You play as a huntsman participating in an intergalactic competition where the best monster slayers in the galaxy try to bring down the biggest, meanest creatures to roam deep space. As the story implies, this rogue-lite shooter is all about massive boss monsters that take up nearly the entire screen. In addition to destructible environments, the primary strategy for killing monsters is to tear them apart piece by piece with your harpoon gun.


Hashtag Dungeon

Hitpoint Games Ltd.





While I'm talking about rogue-lite games, I might as well mention Hashtag Dungeon. This experimental dungeon crawler takes a lot of inspiration from The Binding of Isaac, which isn't anything new considering the genre. The standout feature of Hashtag Dungeon, however, is in its name. This dungeon crawler uses Twitter to store levels, allowing anyone to craft their own devious dungeons and send them to others on the social media platform. It should go without saying but the game requires a Twitter account to play, so keep that in mind before buying.


Tumbleweed Express

The Dirigiballers, LLC.





Tumbleweed Express is a train defense shooter with a steampunk Western theme that has been in development for around four years now. Set in an alternate 1885 where airships are commonplace, the Tumbleweed Express Steam Engine must complete valuable shipping contracts while under constant attack from the ruthless Dirigibaus and his fleet of weaponized dirigibles. Tumbleweed Express is, quite literally, a rail shooter where you man various weapon stations to defend your train from waves of enemies and bosses. As you complete contracts you'll get a chance to upgrade your weapons, defenses, and crew back at your warehouse. It's not a particularly long game from what I hear, but it isn't an expensive one either.


Coffee Pot Terrarium

Brothers Flint





Coffee Pot Terrarium is a unique turn-based puzzle game about tile management and manipulation. Each level consists of pathways made of tiles, with enemies wondering around that you must avoid. You can't directly kill these enemies, but instead have the ability to destroy pathways and make new ones. You'll need to carefully consider your positioning, as you must be adjacent to tiles to destroy them and can potentially cut yourself off even with the ability to create new pathways. Special mention goes to the game's striking art style, which reminds me a bit of traditional Japanese artwork.



Righteous Hammer Games





Runespell changed up the Puzzle Quest-style formula of puzzle RPGs back in 2011 by replacing the combat system with Poker, and now Solitairica seeks to do the same with Solitaire. In this turn-based rogue-lite RPG you fight enemies by playing Solitaire, with the usual mechanics like suits replaced with Attack, Defense, Agility, and Willpower cards. Along the way you'll acquire items and spells to aid you in your Solitaire games, and unlock the ability to use Ace, King, and Queen cards to boost your abilities.


Hero Defense- Haunted Island

Happy Tuesday





Hero Defense blends elements of tower defense and MOBA games to create a rather unique take on the defense strategy genre. You'll be defending against hordes of enemies approaching your base from different lanes like in a more traditional tower defense game, but your "towers" are a squad of five customizable heroes that you can freely move around the map. Each hero has their own skill tree, special abilities, and inventory where you can equip sets of runes that you'll find throughout the single player campaign. Hero Defense also features competitive multiplayer with a full progression and ranking system.


Captain Forever Remix

Pixelsaurus Games





Finally we come to Captain Forever Remix, a reimagining of the cult Australian game series from 2009. This Remix version re-imagines the first game in the series with new mechanics and updated visuals inspired by Saturday morning cartoons. The core gameplay of this shooter involves building absurdly elaborate starships through the game's fully modular construction system. Ships are fully destructible, allowing you to target specific parts and later bolt them onto your own vessel. Captain Forever Remix includes full Steam Workshop support so you can easily share your creations online, or test drive ships created by other space captains.



That's all for now. I'll return later this week with more new indie releases.



Frank currently writes for Indie Game Source and Bell of Lost Souls. You can follow him on Twitter @Frank_Gaming for updates on future articles and general Twitter ramblings.

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