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Overlooked Indies For March 21st-26th

Frank Streva
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Pictured above: Samorost 3


We had another pretty busy week of new indie game releases. The classic LucasArts adventure game Day of the Tentacle has finally been released on digital platforms as the Remastered edition. Speaking of highly anticipated adventure games, Amanita Design is also back with Samorost 3. I also want to point out that one of my favorite modern rogue-likes, Sword of the Stars: The Pit, received a DLC pack that adds a new class to the game.


As usual, I need to stress that I'm not outright recommending these games, I'm just highlighting some interesting new indie releases that may have gone unnoticed. I have no idea if any of these games are good, they're just new titles that caught my attention. Should you find any games you like on this list then remember to tell your friends about them.


Mimpi Dreams

Silicon Jelly





Mimpi Dreams is a sequel to a 2D puzzle-platformer that came out last year. You play as a lazy dog named Mimpi that goes on heroic adventures in a whimsical dream world. You'll be assisting Mimpi in his dreams by solving puzzles and manipulating the environment. You can find the first game here, and the series is also available on mobile.


Paws: A Shelter 2 Game

Might and Delight





On the subject of cutesy adventure games where you play as animals, the Shelter series is back with a new spin-off game called Paws. While previous games in the series placed you in control of a mother badger or lynx trying to ensure that your young survive until adulthood, Paws changes up the formula by allowing you to play as a lost lynx kitten trying to fend off the dangers of the wilderness. You aren't completely alone however, as you'll be accompanied by an equally lost bear cub that will assist you in the game's various puzzles. An interactive novel called The Lonesome Fog also released this week, and can be purchased by itself or bundled with the Pitter Patter Edition of Paws. You can find Paws on GOG as well.


Brick Inventions






Brick Inventions is for you asshats out there that don't get invited over for Jenga anymore because you keep intentionally knocking over the tower. In this physics-based building game you'll construct towers and machines one block at a time, all of which are completely destructible. The game features various single player challenges and a sandbox mode, but perhaps the most interesting part is the multiplayer component. You'll compete with other players to gather resources and research new blocks to construct increasingly complex buildings, as well as weapons to demolish your opponent's structures.


The Descendant

Gaming Corps AB





The Descendant is the first episode of a new post-apocalyptic adventure series. Humanity has been nearly wiped out following decades of war and drastic climate change. Only a few thousand were selected to be cryogenically frozen in underground bunkers called Arks, waiting to be reanimated once the surface has become habitable again. You'll play as two characters across two different timelines: Mia, a janitor working in the malfunctioning Ark-01, and Donnie, an investigator trying to uncover the truth behind Ark-01's failure. The game will eventually consist of five episodes altogether.








PolyRace is a procedurally generated hovercraft racing game about time attack challenges and high scores. It reminds me of Race the Sun in a few ways, with its simple visuals and focus on challenges over traditional racing. Much like Race the Sun, PolyRace also has daily challenges where players compete against each other to earn the highest score. Try to beat the devs in a mission mode where you race against their ghosts to get the fastest time.


Vaccine War

Games For Tutti





Vaccine War is a side-scrolling cover-based shooter that blends 2D pixel art with limited 3D environments. You play as Daniel, a Prussian WWI veteran that retired to Spain, only to get caught up in the Spanish Civil War years later. The key feature of the game is the ability to move between the foreground and background, changing up the flow of combat found in similar, more traditional 2D shooters. There's a few Metroidvania elements too, with multiple branching paths to explore, hidden items, and secrets.


bit Dungeon+






The bit Dungeon series is fairly well-known on mobile as a series of cheap and pretty solid action rogue-like/lites. This latest title in the series, bit Dungeon+, is now on PC and focused on 2 player couch co-op. Much like the other games in this series, this top-down dungeon crawler features procedurally generated levels and loot, with massive bosses to overcome and permadeath. Sadly the multiplayer is local only, but it does feature a single player mode.


Polaris Sector






Finally we have Polaris Sector, a brand new space 4X strategy game published by the prolific wargame studio Slitherine. This 4X places a greater emphasis on the economic and logistical management of your space empire than your average game in the genre. Polaris Sector is entirely focused on rolling up new maps in its random map generator over any sort of campaign, and can create massive galaxies with hundreds of individual stars and solar systems. There's also some deep faction and ship customization to dig into, allowing you a huge degree of freedom in designing your starships and the roles they fulfill on the battlefield.


There's a few more games I wanted to highlight from last week, so expect a bonus article in the next few days.



Frank is an aspiring game designer that currently writes for Indie Game Source and Bell of Lost Souls. You can follow him on Twitter @Frank_Gaming for updates on future articles and reviews.

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