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Overlooked Indies For July 4th-9th

Frank Streva
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Pictured above: The Technomancer


I skipped Overlooked Indies last week because there just weren't enough releases to highlight, no doubt as a result of the Steam Summer Sale. The only really noteworthy releases were Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma and The Technomancer. That isn't the case this week however, with a flood of promising indie games being unleashed to compensate for the previous drought. I can't promise that all these games are good, just that they stood out enough for me to mention them here.








Probably the most anticipated indie release this week was Inside, the latest game from the developer behind Limbo. Inside doesn't look like it strays too far from Playdead's comfort zone, and has you guide a small boy through a dark and foreboding dystopia full of puzzles and mechanical enemies. Be aware that Inside is pretty short, with most reviews I've seen saying that it can be completed in under 3 hours. Also available on Xbox One.



The Game Bakers





Another pretty high profile indie game released earlier this week is Furi, a very challenging character action game that features character designs from Takashi Okazaki, creator of Afro Samurai. You play as a mysterious swordsman that has broken free from his cell in a bizarre prison, and must defeat a series of bosses to gain his freedom back. I'm personally terrible at the game, but that doesn't stop it from being a satisfying and responsive action title perfect for anyone looking for a good challenge. If you own a PS4, Furi is one of this month's freebies through PS Plus.


The Temporal Invasion

Hybriona Labs





The Temporal Invasion is a puzzle game that places you in the shoes of an investigator trying to unravel the mystery of his chronic memory problems. You'll be required to use outside resources to solve the various riddles, metaphors, and cryptograms you'll be presented with. Be aware that some of the puzzles revolve around encrypted sound files and color codes, so gamers that are color blind or having hearing impairments might have issues playing the game.


The Room Two

Fireproof Games





Speaking of complex puzzle games, the second Room game made its way to PC this week. The Room is a very popular series of puzzle games on mobile, and have slowly been making their way to other platforms over the years. Reminiscent of Myst, the puzzles in The Room require you to carefully explore the environment looking for clues about how to operate various interconnected arcane mechanisms. The PC port received a fairly significant graphical and performance update, so fans of the mobile version may also want to check out this upgraded edition.


Cthulhu Realms

White Wizard Games

Free to play, unlock full version for $4.99




As its name suggests, Cthulhu Realms is the Lovecraftian cousin of the popular sci-fi deckbuilding game Star Realms. Starting with a basic deck of initiates and followers, players try to drive each other insane by acquiring increasingly demented eldritch powers and abominations. Cthulhu Realms features AI skirmishes, campaign missions, local and online multiplayer, and cross platform functionality with the mobile version. You may also want to check out the physical version by Tasty Minstrel Games.


Gnomes vs Fairies

Prismic Studios LLC





Gnomes vs Fairies is a quirky action platformer with some RPG elements inspired by early 3D platformers from the PS1 and N64 era. You play as the last free gnome in the land and must embark on a quest to rescue your people from the tyrannical rule of the evil fairies. Along the way you'll band together with useful allies and gather an arsenal of upgradeable special abilities and items. The game is pretty glitchy right now from what I've heard, but the developer is aware of the issues and is working to resolve them in a timely fashion.



Roger von Biersborn





Lumbermancer is a 2D action game where you control two characters simultaneously. You play as the titular Lumbermancer, who by himself has no real way to defend against enemies. The second character you control is your minion log, who can be altered on the fly to deal with different situations and enemies. Magical items and new powers are available through a shop between levels. The game is only a few hours long, but there is an endless mode and a few secret areas to discover.


Lost Sea

Eastasiasoft Limited





Finally we come to Lost Sea, an action roguelite that promises an effectively limitless number of procedurally generated islands to explore. A freak storm has left you stranded in the Bermuda Triangle, and your only hope of escape is to collect ancient relics that hold the power to open dimensional rifts. In your journey across the Triangle you'll find a large cast of allies to recruit, and like in most roguelites, death is permanent for both yourself and your crew. Lost Sea is also on GOG, PS4, and Xbox One.



That's all for now. I'll return later with more promising indie titles released last week.

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