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Overlooked Indies For August 24th

Frank Streva
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Pictured above: Grow Up


We had another one of those busy release weeks that I use to justify the new format I adopted a few weeks back. The new format is totally because there are so many games being released these days, and most certainly has nothing at all to do with me being both lazy and busy all the time now.


Hero Generations: ReGen

Heart Shaped Games LLC





I enjoyed last year's Hero Generations, despite its rather limited combat and simplistic, clunky mechanics. I never encountered any particularly major issues in the dozen or so hours I played, but others weren't as lucky. It's for that reason that ReGen exists. This follow-up features many tweaks and improvements, the biggest of which was switching to a new game engine for increased stability. Much like the original game, ReGen is a roguelike/light empire building game where each turn represents one year of your character's life. There is some controversy surrounding how the developer "abandoned" the original game to create an expanded remake that owners of the original need to buy again, but Heart Shaped Games is offering coupons as compensation.


The Girl and the Robot

Flying Carpets Games





I've covered The Girl and the Robot before, back when it was being Kickstarted and looking for votes on Greenlight. Now the game is finished and ready to buy on Steam. This third-person action-adventure places you in control of the two titular characters as they join forces to escape an immense castle ruled by an evil queen and her minions. The girl and her robot companion have their own set of unique abilities that allow them to solve puzzles and overcome the various enemies hunting you throughout the castle. The girl is small and capable of squeezing into tight spaces, while the robot can lift heavy objects and fight enemies with an arsenal of different melee and ranged weapons.


Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon- Da Orks

Flashback Games, The Lordz Games Studio





Da Orks is a standalone expansion to the rather solid Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon, a Panzer General-style hex-based wargame set in the 40k universe. Much like the original, Da Orks lets you recreate battles from the Second War for Armageddon, one of the most famous campaigns in the setting's history. As the title implies, this time around the story plays out from the perspective of the greenskin invaders across 18 new missions. You can take the game online too, with 10 multiplayer maps and a fully-featured editor so players can create more.


8-Bit Hordes






Several months back, Petroglyph returned to their roots with 8-Bit Armies, an arcadey RTS that played a lot like old-school Command & Conquer games. Now they are back with 8-Bit Hordes, a standalone follow-up that is more akin to Warcraft. This fantasy interpretation of 8-Bit Armies features two new factions, the Alliance and Horde...I mean the Lightbringers and Dark Orcs, with about a dozen units each and a 24 mission campaign. As with the original game, 8-Bit Hordes also features fully destructible voxel environments. Also on GOG.


Savage Resurrection

S2 Games, LLC





2003's RTS/FPS hybrid Savage is back with Savage Resurrection, an attempt to bring the unique game to modern PCs with Unreal Engine 4. Much like in the original game, two teams of 16 players slaughter one another across exotic science-fantasy locales. What always set the series apart from other shooters was the addition of a commander on each team that controlled the game as a more traditional RTS. While the other players are shooting each other, the commander has to construct a base, research upgrades, and expand the weapon and unit options available to the rest of their team. Savage Resurrection's progression model comes in the form of loot drops that allow players to acquire unique cosmetic items and skins, but the developers promise to never implement purchasable items with gameplay benefits.


Corinne Cross's Dead & Breakfast

Bad Chalk





Corinne Cross's Dead & Breakfast is a 2D adventure game set in a haunted bed and breakfast. You play as Corinne, a young woman who agrees to do some house-sitting at a friend's bed and breakfast for seven days. Over the course of the week, you'll do chores, keep up the home, and interact with the eccentric cast of ghosts that reside there. Corinne Cross features multiple endings depending on your interactions, and a New Game+ mode that adds even more content to discover.



Coffee Powered Machine






Finally we come to Okhlos, an angry mob simulator set in Ancient Greece. The people of Greece are fed up with the abuse and eccentricities of their Olympian overlords, and now you must gather a mob and drive the deities away. Okhlos is kind of reminiscent of Pikmin, and has you control a single philosopher who recruits various warriors, heroes, beasts, and angry peasants to your cause until your mob is big enough to tear down temples, fight soldiers, and eventually take on the Gods themselves. Also on GOG.



Not enough variety? Want more games to throw money at? Why not check out these as well:


Fabric, a first-person puzzle game where you must fix glitchy voxel-based levels.


Typoman: Revised, an updated PC port of a Wii U platformer about crafting words to alter the world around you.


Grow Up, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Grow Home from last year.


Inversus, a minimalist, competitive puzzle-shooter for up to 4 players.


Orbital X, a procedurally generated rhythm-based runner.


Clean 'Em Up, a free twin-stick shooter along the lines of Geometry Wars.


Guards, a turn-based strategy game focused on formations and the arrangement of your party.



I'll be back soon with more interesting indie release highlights.

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