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Overlooked Indies For August 18th

Frank Streva
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Pictured above: Bear With Me


Another week, another batch of new indie releases to highlight. Luckily, things have slowed down a bit following the flood of releases from the last few weeks. As usual, I can't guarantee all of these games are good, just that they look promising. Remember to tell your friends about any cool indie games you discover through these articles, because for many of them this is the only coverage they ever really get.








One of the few games I can personally recommend on this list is Heart&Slash, a roguelite brawler I reviewed some time back. The game has been out on consoles for around a month, and the PC version just officially released from Early Access. I found it to be a really fun brawler with satisfying and varied weapons, though the camera had its fair share of issues and the game had quite a few bugs to iron out. That was roughly a month ago and on a totally different platform however, so I can't say if any of these flaws were addressed since my review. Either way, I do recommend checking it out.








#KILLALLZOMBIES is a twin-stick zombie shooter that streamers out there may want to check into. It admittedly looks fairly standard as far as twin-sticks go, but the twist is how the game integrates Twitch support. Your audience can use chat to influence the game, either by spawning enemies or giving you access to devastating power-ups. Depending on what your viewers are like, this could make Twitch chat even more cancerous than usual.


Infectonator: Survivors

Toge Productions





Speaking of zombies, Infectonator: Survivors recently released from Early Access. This strategy game describes itself as "Left 4 Dead with roguelike and survival mechanics." The goal is to escort four survivors through procedurally generated, zombie infested levels to their eventual rescue. The game plays like a mix of real-time tactics and tower defense, with some survival and crafting mechanics that require you to scavenge for resources.


Kingdom: New Lands






As the name implies, Kingdom: New Lands is a massive update to the popular 2D kingdom management game from last year. In addition to adding tons of new content in general, the most significant change in New Lands is a completely reworked and expanded end game. Owners of the original game received New Lands as a free update, and everyone still has the option to play the original, which is now called Kingdom: Classic in your Steam library.


Meridian: Squad 22

Elder Games





Meridian: Squad 22 is a standalone single player follow-up to 2014's Meridian: New World, a sci-fi RTS created largely by a single person. Squad 22 adds a 10+ hour campaign where your choices can determine the outcome of the game's branching storyline. Squad 22 also features a number of UI enhancements, streamlined mechanics, and gameplay tweaks over its predecessor. Be aware that this RTS is strictly single player, so you'll need to go elsewhere to scratch your competitive RTS itch.








Finally we come to Reigns, the most bizarre game of the week. This latest title published by Devolver Digital is what you get when you cross Tinder and a light kingdom management game. Yes, I'm serious. The entire game consists of a series of random events with two choices, each of which are resolved by swiping/clicking either left or right. Your goal is to build a dynasty spanning multiple rulers and hundreds of years before you inevitably screw up and get yourself killed. You can also find Reigns on mobile devices.



Need more games? Check out these additional titles:


Bear With Me, an episodic noir adventure game about a girl and her teddy bear that solve crimes together.


Blade Ballet, a skill-focused local multiplayer game about whirling death robots.


Eisenhorn: Xenos, an episodic adventure game based on the critically-acclaimed Eisenhorn Trilogy of 40k novels.


Lucius Demake, a retro-inspired "demake" of the adventure series by Shiver Games that places you in control of a homicidal demon child.



I'll be back soon with more indie new release highlights.

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