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Overlooked Indies For August 11th

Frank Streva
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Pictured above: Road to Ballhalla


I'm back with another round-up of indie releases from last week that you may have missed. The release schedule has slowed down a bit, but I'll continue using the new format I tried last week to ensure that I highlight as many games as I can. I can't guarantee all of these games are good, just that they looked interesting enough to warrant a closer look.


This is the Police

Weappy Studio





Let's start this week of highlights with This is the Police, a crime drama/strategy adventure game where you play as Police Chief Jack Boyd in the crime-riddled city of Freeburg. This disgruntled cop is on the verge of retirement and isn't satisfied with his meager pension. Figure out a way to quietly earn $500,000 in your remaining 180 days so you can really enjoy your retirement. It won't be easy though, as you'll still need to do your duties as Chief of Police and dodge a corrupt city government that's just looking for reasons to skin you alive. Also available on GOG.


Concealed Intent

Jarrah Technology





Concealed Intent is a simultaneous turn-based strategy game about playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with enemy starships. In each mission you'll need to track your quarry by looking for subtle changes in the environment that could be an enemy fleet. The enemy will be actively hunting for you as well using the same tactics, and victory will be determined by who can spring the better ambush. There is a procedural skirmish mode in addition to the main campaign, with four different mission types available and various settings that can be tweaked to generate a unique level each session.



Giant Squid





From the art director of Journey comes ABZU, an atmospheric diving adventure game. Swim with hundreds of real-world species of sea life and enormous schools of fish that realistically react to you, the environment, and predators. You'll uncover long-forgotten ancient secrets as you descend deeper into the ocean, as well as be forced to fight for your life when confronted with unknown dangers. Also on PS4.


Rising Islands

Lone Hero Studios





Run, jump, dash, and shift your way through the chaotic world of Rising Islands in this fast-paced parkour adventure game. You play as Hairo, a young woman with the ability to shift between dimensions. In gameplay terms, this means you'll need to swap between worlds to traverse impossible terrain and color-coded platforms. Rising Islands isn't just about parkour platforming however, and also features boss fights that will require all your abilities and reflexes to overcome.



Michal Kruba





Intrude is the latest FPS trying to cash-in on the old-school nostalgia of classics like Wolfenstein 3D and the original Doom. Shoot your way through 15 levels packed full of secrets as you liberate an underground base from unknown invaders. The most consistent complaints I've seen is the lack of enemy and weapon variety, but Intrude's low price point means that it could still be a decent impulse buy.


Tricky Towers






We've been getting a lot of "Like Tetris, BUT" puzzle games recently, and Tricky Towers is the latest entry in the genre. This competitive puzzle game is focused on local and online multiplayer that supports up to 4 players, though there are single player challenges as well. Build and defense a wobbly tower by stacking bricks, then cast magic spells to defend your creation and attack enemy towers. Tricky Towers is also out on PS4, and is one of this month's PS Plus freebies.


Not enough games for you? Check out these titles as well:


System Crash, a cyberpunk card game by Rogue Moon Studios


Mandagon, a free adventure game based on Tibetan theology by Blind Sky Studios


Mibibli's Quest, a surreal retro platformer by Ryan Melmoth


Selma and the Wisp, a puzzle platformer where you control two characters at once by Toucan Studio


Little King's Story, a PC port of the popular Wiiware strategy game. Be aware that the PC port is pretty lackluster, so do your research before buying.


Road to Ballhalla, a rhytmn-based marble physics platformer by Torched Hill



That's all for now. I'll be back soon with more new indie releases you should check out.

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