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Is Copper Dreams The Next Great Isometric Game?

Matthew Byrd
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There is no shortage of isometric games on the Kickstarter scene. Perhaps it's because that style of game so happened to produce some of the greatest RPGs of all-time before technology determined that fully-3D gaming was the future, but whatever the reason, it's clear that the indie gaming market has more than enough room for another truly great isometric title.


Though it may be early in its development stages, all signs are pointing to Copper Dreams joining the prestigious ranks of the great isometric games.


Right off the bat, developer Whalenought Studios wins my heart by describing Copper Dreams as an "isometric Escape From New York or Deus Ex." Though that is a rather lofty comparison to make, Copper Dreams certainly nails the aesthetics of such a creation by perfectly capturing that classic sense of technology-driven depression in the way it presents its own version of the future. Among the drab greys common for a period of time deprived of individuality, though, lie several more traditionally beautiful elements that are most apparent in the design of the game's enemies.




The graphic engine itself is also quite interesting. Though traditionally isometric in its design, a zoomed-in look at the game reveals its numerous similarities to Playstation era titles such as Metal Gear Solid and Vagrant Story. It's rare to see this particular era of gaming graphics explored and there is a nostalgic joy in seeing it done so well.


However, the promise of the game's premise truly reveals itself in the gameplay. Stealth appears to make up the bulk of Copper Dreams' gameplay, but its brand of stealth looks to be the best kind of stealth; the kind that allows your character to have chainsaw hands. Yes, through Deus Ex-style character augmentation, it is possible to equip your character with a variety of personal alterations, as well as upgrade their weapons with a similar wealth of options. The remainder of the game's action appears to draw heavily from the Baldur's Gate/Dungeons and Dragons style of "roll for victory" actions, though there are unique twists peppered throughout such as the removal of traditional health in favor of a series of status ailments.


Ultimately, though, Copper Dreams stands out from the Kickstarter pack by exemplifying the characteristics of its ambitious pedigree. Whether the game will ultimately capitalise off its potential remains to be seen, but those who also feel that it is on the right track can donate to the game via its Kickstarter page.

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