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Indie Games to Watch in 2015, Part 4

Frank Streva
  • I'm looking towards the year ahead of us and all the promising indie titles of 2015 that could potentially be the sort of games that we will be reminiscing about this time next year. I was originally aiming for 50 games split into two articles, but the more I dig around the more uncertain I become of being able to trim the list down that low. As to whether or not any of these games will be good, well, I guess we'll just need to wait until 2016 to see just how accurate this list actually was.


You can find the previous article in the series here.


Ghost of a Tale

Genre: Action Adventure

Developers: Seith

Release Date: TBA




Ghost of a Tale is a largely one dev passion project from an animator that used to work on movies. This creepy, Redwall-esque action adventure has you playing as a small mouse named Tilo exploring a dangerous island full of spiders, rat pirates, and undead creatures.


Moon Hunters

Genre: RPG

Developers: Kitfox Games

Release Date: TBA




Though it can be played solo, Moon Hunters is really more focused on its co-op gameplay and the emergent stories that a party of players share. The big draw of this game is the randomly-generated nature of its quests and nonlinear story, allowing players to craft their own little mythology each time they play.



Genre: Metroidvania

Developers: Discord Games

Release Date: TBA




Chasm is equal parts Metroidvania and hack 'n slash RPG platformer with a little procedural generation to keep things fresh when replaying. All the rooms across the six levels are hand-made, but procedurally-assembled so no two playthroughs will be exactly the same.


Limit Theory

Genre: Space Sim

Developers: Josh Parnell

Release Date: TBA




You know how everyone keeps going bonkers over No Man's Sky and how it will have an infinite universe to explore and all that? Well, that game already (kind of) exists with Limit Theory, the crazy ambitions of one man to make an infinite, procedurally-generated space sim where you can go and do basically anything. And Limit Theory already works and the developer regularly posts actual gameplay videos and devlogs.


Clockwork Empires

Genre: Management

Developers: Gaslamp Games

Release Date: Early Access, Full Game TBA




The developers of the excellent Dungeons of Dredmor are back with Clockwork Empires, a management sim where you must establish a prosperous colony in a mysterious new land. Problem is, someone put these Lovecraftian horrors all over the place, and sometimes your colonists eat each other when you run out of food. You should maybe try to avoid those outcomes.


Orcs Must Die! Unchained

Genre: Action Tower Defense

Developers: Robot Entertainment

Release Date: Closed Beta, Full Game TBA




The Orcs Must Die! series is back for its third installment, which takes a more Dota-style approach by focusing on 5v5 base attack and defense competitive multiplayer over the series previous single player and co-op gameplay.


Galactic Princess

Genre: Space Adventure/RPG

Developers: CECLY

Release Date: TBA




Galactic Princess is yet another epic space adventure to add to the growing list of them recently. Build your ship down to the very shape of its chassis and command your crew as you explore an open galaxy obviously inspired by Star Wars and other pulp sci-fi classics. In addition to the ship-to-ship combat you'll also have to deal with boarding operations.


Night in the Woods

Genre: Adventure

Developers: Infinite Falls

Release Date: TBA




Night in the Woods drew a lot of attention when its Kickstarter launched late in 2013 for its striking visual style and melancholy atmosphere and soundtrack. You play as Mae, a cat who just dropped out of college and returned to her quiet little hometown. She just wants to hang out with her friends and have fun, but nothing is how she remembers it and something mysterious is going on in the woods on the edge of town.


Hive Jump

Genre: The Starship Troopers Game You've Always Wanted

Developers: Graphite Labs

Release Date: TBA




Hive Jump is a co-op focused 2D shooter where players are tasked with fighting their way through procedurally-generated alien hives across a turn-based galactic map. Features an interesting take on permadeath where someone in the squad is tasked with carrying a transponder beacon that you must defend to allow players to respawn.


Enemy Starfighter

Genre: Space Sim

Developers: Marauder Interactive

Release Date: TBA




Yeah, ANOTHER upcoming space combat game. What a wonderful world we are living in where this once-dead genre is starting to reproduce with a frequency nearing Early Access open world zombie survival games. Whereas many of the recent attempts to revive the space combat genre are open universe sandboxes, Enemy Starfighter is more focused on delivering a brutally challenging single player campaign with permadeath-both for yourself and allied ships.


Be sure to check back regularly for more indie games to watch in 2015!

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