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Finding Paradise, Rumu, & More New Indie Releases

Frank Streva
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Pitcured above: Post Human W.A.R


It's been a few weeks, but I'm finally back with the first batch of recent indie releases for 2018. We are currently in the post-holidays slump where barely anything gets released, but I still managed to find a few games worth mentioning. These titles all came out in mid-to-late December, and its possible you missed them during the excitement over the largest Steam sale of the year. I can't personally speak for the quality of any of these games, so make sure you read some reviews before making a decision.



Buried Signal



Gorogoa is a relaxing puzzle game with some beautifully hand-drawn and animated artwork. The game's entire premise is based around combining a series of images together in creative ways to discover the solution, and you'll often be forced to zoom in or out to find obscure details hidden in plain sight. A few of my friends have played it and thought it was a really satisfying and Zen-like experience, but please be aware that the puzzles aren't particularly difficult and you'll probably beat the game within an hour. Also available on GOG, iOS, and the Switch.     


Finding Paradise

Freebird Games



Finding Paradise is the first full sequel to the hit narrative adventure To the Moon. Join doctors Rosalene and Watts on another operation to alter a bedridden patient's memories so they can experience their dying wish. As with the previous title, Finding Paradise is a narrative adventure with very little in terms of gameplay, and it'll only take you around five hours to get to the credits. You can also find the game on GOG and the Humble Store.     



Robot Horse



Continuing this week's trend of narrative games, Rumu is an isometric point and click puzzle adventure where you play as a robot vacuum cleaner. That may not seem very exciting, but the game takes place in a fully automated, futuristic smart home with a mystery that needs solving. As you go about your daily cleaning routine, you'll get a chance to interact with the home's other semi-intelligent smart devices and Sabrina, the house's AI companion. Everything seems normal and mundane in the life of a robot vacuum until you accidentally uncover the dark secrets of your elusive family, and begin the path to sentience as you question your programming.


Post Human W.A.R

Studio Chahut



Finally we come to Post Human W.A.R, the only game on today's list that isn't some sort of puzzle or narrative adventure. This turn-based strategy game is set in a comedic and lighthearted future long after humanity has nuked itself into oblivion. Three factions vie for power, including mutated wildlife, sentient apes, and repurposed cleaning robots from before the fall of the human race. Before each battle, you'll get a chance to recruit your force and secretly nominate a unit to be your champion. The goal of each battle is to figure out who the enemy champion is and kill them. Post Human W.A.R features a campaign and local and online multiplayer. You can also find the game on the Humble Store.


Which of these games caught your attention?        

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