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Codex of Victory, Snowflake's Chance, & More New Indie Releases

Frank Streva
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Pictured above: The Tenth Line 

I'm back with another batch of indie releases that came out while our site was down. All these games are several weeks old, but most have remained obscure enough that they probably slipped by unnoticed. I can't guarantee that these games are any good, just that they stood out from all the other new releases on Steam. Be sure to read user reviews for more information about each title.



One of the more popular games on today's list is Kona, an atmospheric first-person adventure game with survival elements. You play as Carl Faubert, a private detective that has been hired to investigate reports of vandalism and property damage at a hunting manor in northern Canada. What Carl finds is a surreal and seemingly abandoned rural community with no signs of human inhabitants. Worse yet, an almost supernatural blizzard has left Carl stranded, forcing him to battle the elements as he looks for his client and any clues as to what happened. You can also find Kona on GOG, the Humble Store, PS4, and Xbox One.

rebel rabbit


Another game that managed to find a decent sized audience is 64.0, an extremely minimalistic and abstract rhythm shooter. The core gameplay is simple: Shoot squares that are the same color as the background, and survive for 64 seconds. The challenging part is that the background (and the color of squares you must shoot) is constantly changing, and "friendly" squares that you can't shoot are thrown into the mix. The action is all synced to the game's catchy retro-inspired chiptune soundtrack.

Gravity Games


CTHON is an old-school FPS inspired by the likes of Doom and System Shock. In the 24th century, the mining colony of Pythos in the Epsilon Eridani system has disturbed an ancient evil. Navigate the colony's randomly generated labyrinth and try to survive all 9 levels of this roguelite shooter. Modify your body with advanced cybernetic enhancements created by a long dead alien civilization to give you an edge against the horrifying biomechanical constructs overrunning the colony.

100ft Robot Golf
No Goblin


The developers of Roundabout are back with a new game, 100ft Robot Golf. Unsurprisingly, it's a golf game where everyone controls a giant robot in fully destructible environments. The game supports up to four players in split screen and online multiplayer, or solo play via a campaign full of cheap and cheesy '90s-inspired cutscenes. The game is real-time by default, but there is a turn-based mode and various other custom rules. You can also find 100ft Robot Golf on Humble Store and PS4.

Codex of Victory
Ino-Co Plus


In Codex of Victory, players control drone armies in an intergalactic war to defend humanity from a faction of transhuman cyborgs bent on "liberating" everyone from their fleshy shells. This strategy title has a lot of elements to it, including an almost XCOM-like base management and research hub, and turn-based battles set on hex grid maps. Codex of Victory promises a lengthy campaign clocking in at over 20 hours, and 25 units with countless upgrades to research. You can also buy Codex of Victory from the Humble Store.

Cherry Pie Games


The world is on the verge of destruction and it's up to you to stylishly deliver tacos to the masses in Tacopocalypse. The game plays like what you'd expect from a '90s 3D skateboarding game, except you are controlling a food truck. Avoid hazards, perform stunts to boost your income, and make your taco deliveries on time.

Snowflake's Chance


Fans of fiendishly difficult platformers may want to check out Snowflake's Chance. You play as a hapless rabbit trying to escape The Pit, a hellish horror world full of monstrous beasts and murderous traps. Run, dodge, and sneak your way past enemies that have no goal in life other than devouring defenseless bunnies like yourself. The game consists of 21 levels in all, and you have 99 chances to complete the campaign before its game over.

The Tenth Line
Sungazer Software


Finally we come to The Tenth Line, a console-style RPG with some platforming elements and an active turn-based battle system. You play as the princess of the small nation of Easania, and are currently on the run from a mysterious cult. Along the way, you'll encounter a colorful cast of characters that agree to help you escape the cult and return home. Combat is turn-based, but with a heavy emphasis on timing your attacks just right. Character progression is handled solely through the collection of the game's countless sets of gear and items.

That's all for now. I'll be back with more new indie highlights soon.

Edited by Frank Streva

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