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Aegis Defenders, Planetoid Pioneers, & More New Indie Releases

Frank Streva
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Pictured above: Break Arts II


We had another surprisingly busy week of new indie releases, so much so that I may have to come back in a few days with a bonus article. I'm not here to personally recommend any of these games, just highlight some recent releases that you may have missed. Remember to check out reviews and videos to find more information about each game. 


Treasure Adventure World

Robit Games



Treasure Adventure World is a complete HD remake of an old freeware game called Treasure Adventure Game that was released in 2011. Join Peep, his talking parrot Whydah, and their magical vessel The Glooskap on an exotic adventure through 16 tropical islands full of puzzles and treasure in this colorful 2D Metroidvania. This overhaul is so dramatic that Treasure Adventure World is barely the same game anymore, and features new hand-drawn HD graphics, more levels, enemies, and bosses, an expanded story, and a completely new game engine. You can also buy it on GOG and the Humble Store.



Playwood Project



Wartile is a turn-based strategy game that recently released from Early Access that is designed to emulate campaign-driven tabletop miniature games. Create your warband of Viking miniatures and fight across tile-based battlefields inspired by Norse mythology. In addition to the miniatures, you'll also be collecting and customizing a deck of battle cards that can improve your warriors and hinder your enemies. Wartile is also available on the Humble Store.  


Remnants of Naezith

Tolga Ay



Remnants of Naezith is a fast-paced grappling hook precision platformer built with speedrunners in mind. Swing your way through 80 branching levels as Kayra, a human that has been enhanced by the abilities of Naezith, an ancient thunder dragon that had his body shattered into fragments that were spread across the world. The game's physics engine is based around momentum, with well-timed swings allowing you to build up immense amounts of speed. Compete with other players in the global speedrun rankings, race player ghosts, and create and share custom levels with the game's built-in editor.


Break Arts II




Break Arts II is a high-speed, mecha-based combat racing game that recently made its way to Steam courtesy of Playism. Originally released on iOS, this version includes improved graphics, new content, and a reworked control scheme. The biggest new addition is the greatly expanded mecha customization, to the point that building your mech arguably eclipses the actual racing. You can make pretty much anything you want, and this customization extends to animations and weapon designs. I've read that the actual combat racing is a bit underwhelming though, so keep that in mind before buying.


Aegis Defenders

GUTS Development



Aegis Defenders is a game I recently became aware of after getting a coupon code for owning Iconoclasts. This 2D platformer is an odd blend of Metroidvania-style adventure with tower defense combat. Establish defensive positions against waves of enemies with your team of four Ruinhunters, each of which has their own set of passive abilities and gadgets. Level up your weapons and fuse them to make new items with different properties to suit each situation. Swap between characters on the fly, or bring along a friend to help you in split-screen co-op. You can also find Aegis Defenders on the Humble Store, PS4, and Switch.               


Attack of the Earthlings

Team Junkfish



Attack of the Earthlings is a turn-based strategy game where you get to play as the hungry body-snatching aliens for once. The intergalactic energy megacorp Galactoil has made the mistake of trying to strip mine Planet X13. You play as the insectoid inhabitants of the planet on a mission to drive away Galactoil by eating all of their workers. Sneak through ventilation shafts to grab your prey by surprise and set up ambushes for corporate marines. Gather corpses to feed your young, allowing them to mutate into new subspecies to fulfill different combat roles.


Planetoid Pioneers

Data Realms



Planetoid Pioneers is the latest game from the developers of Cortex Command, and it just recently exited Early Access. The game markets itself as a "Physicsvania," which is a fancy way of saying that it's a 2D exploration game with intentionally wonky physics. Craft weapons and items, fight enemies, and get your legs blown off by a trap you failed to notice. A big part of the game involves building your own levels, vehicles, characters, and enemies with the game's powerful built-in editor and sharing them online. There's co-op as well, but unfortunately its limited to split-screen only. Planetoid Pioneers is also available on the Humble Store.



Long Hat House



Finally we come to Dandara, yet another 2D pixel art Metroidvania that came out this week. The most noteworthy feature of Dandara is it's fast-paced, gravity-defying mechanics that will have you leaping between floors, walls, and ceilings in rooms full of rotating platformers and bizarre architecture. The game's controls were built specifically with touch screens in mind, but will work just as well with a more traditional input device. Dandara is also on the Humble Store, iOS, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.             


Which of these games caught your attention?




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