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Five Essential Indie Games Under $5 on Steam

Matthew Byrd
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Steam sales may be a great time to pick up new games at discount prices, but the true value of a Steam sale can only be realized by those willing to dive into its discount depths and take a chance on an incredibly cheap title indie game or two.


Though it's fun to explore the sub-dollar section to see what gems you may find, those with a five dollar bill burning a digital hole in their digital pockets will want to make sure they don't let this sale go by without picking up these classic indie titles.


Speedrunners - $3.74




Innovative, exciting and downright addictive, this competitive 2D runner has finally escaped the clutches of Early Access and is now officially one of the best indie multiplayer games on the market. Just be prepared to hate all the friends that dare play Speedrunners with you.


Titan Souls - $3.74




Depending on who you ask, Titan Souls is either a brilliant testament to the power of game design or an unfinished mess of confusing puzzles and frustrating mechanics. Given that the game's demo isn't the best indicator of the full experience, if this Dark Souls meets Shadow of the Colossus title sounds appealing to you, now is the time to give it a chance.


Crypt of the Necrodancer - $3.74




In a just world, this utterly addictive and inventive rhythm-based roguelike would be installed on the computer of every single gamer. At the very least, you should take advantage of Crypt of the Necrodancer's shockingly low price by downloading it as soon as possible. It's that good.


Battleblock Theater - $2.99




Has it really been over two years since this charming multiplayer game captivated the indie world with its immediately appealing mechanics and general sense of fun. With the right group of friends, Battleblock Theater can lead to all-night play sessions that you'll remember forever.


This War of Mine - $4.99




Are you the type of gamer that doesn't mind feeling deeply, deeply depressed after you've played a new game? Then This War of Mine is perfect for you! This tragic tale of the horrors of war from the perspective of average civilians remains a unique meditation on the subject of war and a great game to boot.

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