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Dead By Daylight's Popularity Can't Last, But It Doesn't Matter

Matthew Byrd
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If you haven’t heard about Dead by Daylight you likely haven't been paying attention to Twitch, YouTube or the top spot on the Steam best seller list. This multiplayer game about avoiding a horror movie slasher has quickly become the talk of the streaming world and an unexpected hit for its developer Behaviour Digital who reported the game has achieved profitability in one week.


But for as incredibly popular as the game is, there is a bit of debate at the moment concerning whether or not it is actually “good.” Granted the fact the game is so wildly successful that discussions about it's quality are kind of irrelevant at this point, but it’s certainly interesting to watch the backlash concerning the game’s rather simple gameplay and numerous little design flaws develop so soon after the game was warmly received.


This backlash has led some to question whether or not the game has the staying power needed to remain a sales success. To be honest, it’s difficult to imagine the title remaining relevant even months from now. Though it could always see a slight uptick from a major DLC release or by taking advantage of the Halloween season, the fact that Dead by Daylight achieved much of its early sales due to its popularity among streamers and its low introductory price point suggests that the game isn’t exactly going to become the next Minecraft.


Perhaps the better question is: does that matter? Dead by Daylight may be an incredibly simple game that only gets worse the more you dwell on it, but it’s also a highly enjoyable multiplayer title that maximizes the potential of a concept that many have long wished would be made into a video game.


You may hear a lot of negativity surrounding Dead by Daylight now that it is past the honeymoon period, but it remains a highly enjoyable game that every horror fans should try at least once.

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